Permanent Cosmetic Makeup – Tattooing was discovered on the skin of Egyptian women back to 2000 B.C. This was done using hand method known as “Tebori” using soot, gunpowder & sharpened stones. Tattooing has been around for centuries implanting pigments, color, or dyes to gain a cosmetic effect. 

It benefits women with poor vision, arthritis, problems with dexterity, women that have lost their hair due to an illness, allergies to makeup, allergies, watery eyes, problems with contact lenses or oily skin that cause makeup to smear.

Is very convenient for the athletic women who wants to look good during sports or exercise. It won’t wash off, smudge or smear and will always looks professionally applied twenty-four hours a day. 

Permanent Makeup is performed on the face as eyeliner or eyebrows. The way I do the procedures is using the hand manual technique. It is the gentlest and easiest way to implant color pigment into the skin. This method is very controlled, gentle and safe compared to other methods. The manual method gently lifts the skin to deposit color.

The color is implanted in the epidermal layer of the skin allowing faster healing. The final result looks natural, soft, powdery, and subtle. 

I use only disposable needles, brushes and pigment cups.